Integrative Behavioral Health

What is Integrative Behavioral Health? 

People are a lot like flowers -- each one unique, beautiful, delicate, yet resilient.  And flowers, like humans, reproduce through pollen (i.e., sperm cells in humans) and carpels (i.e., egg cells in humans).  In order to pollinate, seed, germinate and mature in the spectacular miracles we call flowers, many things need to happen, and do happen on a daily basis for this to occur.  But often the do not.

Think of the flowers we get from a florist, that have been hand picked for an arrangement or bouquet.  Or flowers from a thriving garden.  These plants are fed, watered, given just enough sunlight, pruned, and kept at the right temperature.  And it is true, sometimes, beautiful flowers can grow in the most unexpected places, adapting to their environment. But most, when not in the ideal environment, do not thrive, without support of some kind.

So we see this in humans as well.  There are many factors that Create Mental Wellness or, just like growing a garden, there are factors that can keep you from thriving.  It is important to assess and treat all of the "petals of wellness" including:

  • Brain Health: including neurotransmitter balance, nutrition, toxins
  • Physical Health: including fitness, sleep, hydration, hormonal balance, blood sugar balance, infections, and allergies
  • Genetic History
  • Spirituality: including sense of purpose or meaning, connection to past and future generations and values
  • Current Life Opportunities and Stressors:  connection to family, friends and community; relationship stresses; finances; work; school; current successes and failures; and quality of environment
  • Emotional Health:  upbringing and development; thinking patterns; self concept; body image; past emotional trauma; and grief/loss

In the current model of healthcare, most practicioners assess and focus on treating just one or a few of these components. However, when you are out of balance in any of these key areas, health problems and distress can result.  In the integrative mental healthcare model together we can assess and develop a plan to balance you as a whole person -- body, mind and soul. To learn more about how you can achieve balance schedule an appointment today!

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